More on Watering

I know I harped on this already but it just bugs me so much to see sprinklers going on for hours, watering the paved sidewalk and a tiny little island of grass.
This grass border could be watered manually in two minutes. Why, why are people wasting so much fresh water to inundate this minuscule grassy space and create puddles on the road?

I suffer when I see this kind of waste. And a couple of times, I saw the sprinkles sprinkling while it was raining.
If people can recommend some psychological mechanisms that one could use in order to stop being bothered by this, feel free to share.

10 thoughts on “More on Watering”

  1. You could rationalize it that the water being freed from underground will evaporate into clouds that will drift down to Texas and rain because the place is currently on freaking fire. [disclaimer: poster is not a meteorologist and this probably won’t work]

    You could break a window in the person’s house and stick a hose through the hole in the glass and crank up the spigot full blast since they love water just so goddamn much. [disclaimer: poster cannot be held responsible for legal actions or criminal charges brought forward as a result of following her advice]

    You could go splash around in the spray like a five year old. [disclaimer: poster lives in Texas and is currently on fire]

    Or you could just continue being righteously pissed off because that is some bullshit right there.


  2. I used to write letters to the local paper passionately advocating for my university to switch to drip irrigation, because those sprinklers bothered me. The whole idea of lawns bothers me in general actually, who needs a bloody overly green patch of grass when you could plant a lovely garden of veggies, herbs, or flowers there?


  3. Complain to fucken management. As Comradde Physioproffe would say.

    It’s a crime against nature and when management suddenly discovers it is out on its asse [as Physioproffe would say] and cannot afford water to drink, it will be sorry.


  4. This type of stuff annoys the hell out of me too. It is wasteful and growing up in the West, where water is a scarce resource it bothers me to no end. I garden. I’ve tried to get rid of the grass and lawn as I’m not too keen on it for many reasons and also the existing lawn was/is a water greedy type, called Kentucky bluegrass. I’ve replaced it with plantings of shrubs and perennials. I also live with someone, so we have to be in agreement and he likes lawn and grass more than I do. So the “vision” is to get rid of as much of the lawn/grass as I can. It’s a slower process than what I’d like, but I’m making headway.

    The only thing that makes people stop wasting water is being fined for it or hitting them hard where it hurts–their wallet.

    I don’t know–maybe you could print out an article on using waterwise plantings in hell strips (the part between the sidewalk and curb) with a small note to the homeowner suggesting it would look nice on their property. There are all kinds of alternatives to grass in those areas and they are much more attractive to look at too.


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