A Shocking Listing

I just saw a listing for a house in my town that is selling for $7,450,000. Seven and a half million dollars.

Taking into account that houses cost between $49,00 and $90,000 in this area, this is shocking. I saw a listing for a palace-like colonial-style house with columns and all for $102,000. So seven and a half million is a lot around here.

I heard there are rich farmers in the area, but wow.

14 thoughts on “A Shocking Listing”

  1. Under 100k for a house? Good God damn. Okay, that’s it, I’m packing up the kinfolk and migrating to Indiana or Mars or whatever the heck magic upside-down land you live in. Unless … what’s the catch? Is this on like a compound and I’d have to join a cult or something?


    1. Southern Illinois, right on the border with Missouri. 40 minutes to St. Louis by car. It’s a university town, so people are mostly pretty open, educated and tolerant. We have farmer’s market every week in summer. The crime rates are non-existent. Well, somebody stole a flock of geese from a neighboring farm, and there was quite a brouhaha about that. And our town’s high school is the best in the entire region.

      Huh, I kind of even started liking the place after I wrote all this.


      1. Oh my God. Where I live, a town in southeast Houston that is supposed to be a model of middlebrow play it safe suburbia, houses easily break the 200k barrier, Tea Party rallies and anti-gay marriage protests take place at the grocery store and the college, and last Christmas a student was murdered shopping at a gas station less than ten miles from my home. Texas is freaking insane.


        1. In the interest of full disclosure, in the two years I’ve lived here there has been one Tea Party rally as far as I know and one bunch of freaks holding signs that said homosexuals burn in hell. In using plural nouns I might have made that crap sound everyday and that isn’t quite true, but going by bumper stickers and popular radio broadcasts that’s only because many of the people in town are already in open agreement about hating everything related to Obama. The murder thing is true though.


          1. Today I heard that people of our town voted down the extension of the metrolink rail from St. Louis to us because they don’t want all the “big city criminals and troublemakers” to come to our suburb. Freaky.


    1. Actually, we are about to get or apply for the NFAA or whatever rating. So this might become true very soon. Bleh. I’d just rather the palace went to a farmer. My Ukrainian soul is happy when it sees farmers have a good life. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Is the listing just for a house, or does it include substantial property? If you’re living in a farming area, it is at least likely that the sale is for an entire farm, which could easily exceed 1000 acres + outbuildings. The houses you see listed for 60k-100k would generally be postage stamp sized bungalows. Not really comparable.


  3. My old neighbourhood in TO had a semi detached 1400 sq. foot for sale in the spring for $850K. The average price of a house in the area is $1.4 million. This is not a fancy pants area but it is in the central part of the city. In Vancouver, the median price of ALL homes is well over a million. You guys really have it lucky.


    1. Back in CT, all the real estate prices were ridiculous. A prof of mine bought this tiny, ugly old bungalow (and what can be uglier than a bungalow) for $1.2 million. I honestly have no idea why anybody would get massively into debt to “buy” something like that for such an insane price.


      1. I live in Colorado and it’s pricey here. I used to live and basically grew-up in Calif. close to the ocean where it is much more expensive, and still is. One can still see older homes being scrapped off and huge homes erected in their place. The going price is still hovering around $1.2 million for these homes in the trendier parts of the city.

        I love bungalows, however I’m discerning. Not all of them have been taken care of. Even newer homes are basically not cared for. Some people should not get homes and would be better suited to apartment or condo life.


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