I Don’t Know Why But. . .

. . . all of these posts on “this is where I was when 9/11 happened and this is how I reacted to it” make me feel very uncomfortable. The statements of the “and the world was never the same after 9/11” variety make me even more uncomfortable. And then there is the supremely annoying “there was such a sense of solidarity after 9/11, why can’t we have that back instead of the political bickering?”

The worst ones, however, are the ones who place “9/11” and “the loss of innocence” in the same sentence.

It seems like inanity is the favorite response of many people to traumatic events. 9/11 has been literally drowned in platitudes of the worst order.

16 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why But. . .”

  1. I don’t mind the first statement, because how I found out was pretty odd (I can’t tell it in public without risking offending somebody). It’s the “solidarity” and “loss of innocence” ones that drive me crazy, because it perpetuates a myth of a country while it hides the atrocities of it’s foreign policy. The rest of the world had lost its innocence a long time ago. And “losing your innocence” is not such a bad thing. It means you become an adult.


    1. Oh, I know. It’s the same reaction as the one after the Abu Ghraib photos surfaced. Oh, everybody was so shocked? I wonder, what did people think happened at war before the photos? The invaders and the invaded sang and danced together in the streets?


  2. The World Trade Center attack does not compare to many of the terrible things that happened in the 1940’s. Anyone remember a city called Hiroshima?

    No doubt this comment will get me labelled anti-American, which I am not.


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