I’d Rather Just Wait for Godot

I’m sitting here waiting for a committee to begin at 5:20 pm. In the meanwhile I:

a) created a mini-quiz;

b) prepared tomorrow’s lectures;

c) published several posts;

d) returned books to the library;

e) worked on my translation;

f) ate;

g) answered 11 work-related emails;

h) created a new PP presentation;

i) took a walk;

j) advised a student;

k) wrote a long report for a committee.

Now I just feel like taking a nap but I’ll have to be here until 7 pm.  😦

3 thoughts on “I’d Rather Just Wait for Godot”

  1. I came to my office because I had a committee meeting. Even though I’m on sabbatical and not required to do committee work, I actually wanted to attend. 5 minutes before the meeting start, I realize that the last email they sent said “Location TBA”, and never send a follow-up email. So I came here for nothing (although I did a lot of good work). Don’t you love organized people?


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