Where Is the Mail?

This post by Spanish prof made me think of a conversation I once had with one of my favorite professors of English literature.

“I’ve been getting so worried lately,” she said. “I used to get a lot of inter-university mail in my mailbox but then it started to dry up. I never get invited to departmental meetings, nobody informs me of events that are being organized, I never get any mail at all any more. I felt like everybody was just snubbing me out of spite. And do you have any idea what I just discovered? It turns out that we are now being sent all of this information by email. I even have an email address of my own assigned to me. I checked it, and it’s filled with hundreds of those email messages. This is very annoying to me. Why do people have to adopt all these new-fangled inventions?”

This speech was delivered in the British public school accent, which made it even better.

The conversation took place in 2005, in case anybody is wondering.

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