And This Is the Kind of Political Commentary I Don’t Like

The House of Representatives’ GOP Caucus has one more member after Republican Bob Turner won the special election last night in New York’s 9th Congressional District, to fill the seat vacated by disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner.

So now there’s a conservative vote where a progressive vote used to be, because Weiner couldn’t keep it in his pants.

No, it happened because voters are more interested in what happens in the politicians’ pants than in what their stand is on political and economic issues. For all I care, Weiner or anybody else could keep “it” wherever they like (consensually), as long as they do their job.

In an aside, something makes me suspect that the blogger who penned the above-mentioned comment would be up in arms if anybody discussed what a female politician should keep under her skirt.

11 thoughts on “And This Is the Kind of Political Commentary I Don’t Like

  1. Weiner’s exposure is a slap in America’s face so don’t get soft on this issue. Penises are easily the country’s biggest problem and I for one refuse to just lie back and let it slide. *dick joke etc. etc.*


      1. The lord that counsell’d thee to give away thy land, come place him here by me, do thou for him stand: the sweet and bitter fool will presently appear; the one in motley here, the other found out there.


  2. I think the Democrtats lost because the voters are so discouraged by President Obama’s lack of Harry Truman-like aggressiveness that they did not bother voting. It had nothing to do with Weiner at all, except that his resignation left the opportunity open. If Obama does not get more confrontational with the treasonous Repubenrons, I fear it may be the same next year.


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