Thunder and Snowflakes

I have a very long day ahead of me today. Once again, I have to stay at work until 7 pm because of my review committee. So I wanted to get a good night’s sleep tonight. That was not to be, though. We had a huge storm with very loud thunder that sounded like explosions taking place right outside the window.

So, of course, I kept waking up and the times I did sleep I kept having dreams about war, bombings, and natural disasters.

And now I’m in a lousy mood and have turned into a typical College Misery prof. And my students have transformed into typical snowflakes denounced by that blog.

To give an example, a student sends me the following email: “Hi prof, I dropped your course last week but I’m still on the roster for some reason. Can you remove me from the roster?”

I’m usually very patient with students but right now I’m tempted to write back saying: ” Am I the person who placed you on the roster? If not, maybe you should ask the person or people who placed you there to remove you. Anyways, do I look like I have nothing better to do than to answer inane questions about the roster?”

This will, indeed, be a very long day.

4 thoughts on “Thunder and Snowflakes

    1. Of course, it’s great that it isn’t hot, that’s true. I’d be happy if the sun never came out, to be honest. We’ve had an entire month when the temperature never fell under 100 F even for a moment.


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