New Furniture Is Coming!

So the great news is that next week we will be moved out of our offices and new furniture will be installed. And that new furniture is a thing of beauty that is joy forever. Right now, we have these really old, ugly metal things in our offices that are no inspiration whatsoever. Also, everything is organized in such a weird way that one can barely work.

Here is how the office looks right now (with the horrible mess being due to the fact that I’m in the process of packing):

And here is my computer table that is stuck between the wall and an ugly metal chest:

So when students come in to rewrite their tests or what not, I have to sit with my back to them and they sit with their backs to me, which makes very little sense. And this little computer table is not only ugly, it is also full of scary metal protuberances that always leave me covered in bruises and scratches.

I can’t wait for the new furniture to be installed. I will, of course, post a photo the moment the office is transformed.

4 thoughts on “New Furniture Is Coming!

  1. I am envious! The department is buying your furniture.
    My office looked like yours when I started, and I had to use my start-up funds (which btw are supposed to be used to develop my research program) to get new furniture. The department wouldn’t pay, even though all the staff had their offices redecorated at the same time. That’s one slight I will never forget.


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