Bad Blogging Suggestions

Many websites offer really bad advice to bloggers who want to improve their blog’s popularity. Here is an example of this type of advice offered by WordPress, of all places:

First of all, no, don’t pay for traffic. Especially if you blog with WordPress because it is very likely to get your blog closed down. By WordPress. Besides, these paid hits will momentarily swell your stats but will never bring any readers who are actually interested in reading a word of your content.

Also, bugging your friends and family members about the blog is a very bad idea. If anything, this strategy will make people hate the very idea of your blog, no matter how good your writing might be. It’s good when our friends show interest in our hobbies but they are not obligated to be interested. There are several blogs I love and read all the time. However, if their owners started sending me reminder emails, I’d be off their blogs in a flash.

2 thoughts on “Bad Blogging Suggestions”

  1. Why is WordPress promoting promotion so aggressively lately, anyway? It makes them look like some kind of pyramid scheme. As does of course promoting anything to your friends & kin.


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