Do You Know Why University of California Is in the Toilet?

Because of this:

Senior administrators now officially outnumber faculty at UC. And would you like to know how much the university that is supposedly broke pays its useless paper-pushers? See here. The only job of these bureaucrats is to make the lives of the faculty and the students so miserable that very little actual education takes place. And they are amply compensated for producing reams of useless paperwork.

This is why it is not at all surprising that University of California has been circling the bowl for a while now.

4 thoughts on “Do You Know Why University of California Is in the Toilet?”

  1. CEO of a large university medical center is a substantial job with 5,000 or more employees and a cash flow of 500,000,000.00 or so, considering the operations of the clinical side and the NIH and other research grant funding. Large university medical centers are often the region’s largest or second or third largest employer.

    Other administrative functions in a large university medical center include legal, compliance, billing, finance, HR, IRB review board administrators, grant administrators, PR/advertising, etc. If the hospitals are owned by the university, add a set of hospital administrators.

    It might be more informative to know the ratio of non-medical faculty to non-medical administrators.


  2. I found this on the How university works blog today:

    Administrations have taken note, particularly in the University of California (UC) system, which was the epicenter of last year’s wave of events. Administrators or public-records requests at Berkeley, Davis, Santa Cruz and Irvine have confirmed “monitoring” of student activists by campus police, freelance investigators, or staffers. In some cases, undercover police officers or staff in “casual attire” have mingled with students to gather information on movement leaders and plans.

    One of the more distressing developments is the recruitment of other students into this “monitoring” effort. At UC Davis, according to documents obtained under public-records request by activists, staff reporting to Chancellor Linda Katehi recruited “student leaders” to participate in “Activism Response Teams” with police and administrators. In security speak, the role of the students recruited onto the “response teams” was to “accompany” protesters and “update staff” about the events.

    Let’s make sure that the students don’t get any ideas about changing the tuition increase plans by spying on them. Sounds like Russia.


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