When and How Will UN Vote on Palestine’s Independence?

Many people come to this blog asking when the UN will vote on Palestine’s independence. So here is an update: Mahmoud Abbas has now returned to Palestine, and the Palestinian leadership has decided to push the UN security council to vote as soon as possible. The UN security council will start debating the issue tomorrow (Monday). Potentially, the vote could be postponed for as long as several months.

I find this entire show staged by politicians to be very cruel towards the inhabitants of Israel and Palestine. There are mounting tensions in the area that only grow because of all of the fiery speeches made by politicians. I’m afraid that if the UN vote doesn’t take place soon, we will see many more violent eruptions in the area that will become more and more bloody as the time progresses and there is still no vote in sight. And this is precisely what the US is trying to make happen:

According to a report from Haaretz, the Obama administration is engaged in behind-the-scenes efforts to delay voting on recognition of Palestine as an independent state in both the General Assembly and the Security Council.

A “silent agreement” is reportedly in place between several Western countries to postpone the U.N. votes through a number of bureaucratic stalling tactics, the use of which are being promoted by Washington.

So let me tell you once again: the way I see it, the US has done everything in its power over the years to ensure that the conflict between Israel and Palestine remains in this simmering stage forever. Obama is shilly-shallying on the issue right now but this attitude on his part is something we have seen, time and again, from every US leader for decades. (I remember I would gag every time I saw Clinton’s smirk as he talked about Israel and Palestine.)

A permanent conflict in the Middle East is extremely useful to the US. A perennially besieged Israel provides the US with an excuse to launch an attack at any country in the area that can be accused of threatening Israel. At the same time, people are much more likely to see Israel as the cause of any war in the area because latent anti-Semitism still clouds many folks’ vision of world politics. This strategy brings the US a lot of power in the oil-rich region and allows Americans to shift the blame for everything that might go amiss onto those genocidal, intolerant Israelis and those barbaric, terrorist Palestinians.

In the meanwhile, Palestinians and Israelis alike are paying the price for these political machinations.

9 thoughts on “When and How Will UN Vote on Palestine’s Independence?”

  1. This is the promised “why is US interested” post, right? Thanks!

    When I heard UN talking of both sides arriving to some results within a year, I laughed inside. Doesn’t everybody understand it won’t happen? Or is it political talk which I don’t fully grasp? Or both?

    Do you think Palestine will become recognized as a country next year? Anytime soon? Meaning, 2-5 years from now.


    1. There will, of course, be a lot more posts on this issue as the situation unfolds.

      “When I heard UN talking of both sides arriving to some results within a year, I laughed inside. Doesn’t everybody understand it won’t happen?”

      -Oh, I laughed out loud. I’m older than you and I’ve been hearing this statement for decades. And we can all see the results.

      “Do you think Palestine will become recognized as a country next year? Anytime soon? ”

      -I think it’s highly probable that the UN will vote to recognize it. And then probably it will also vote that Israel’s right to existence should be respected by all means. These votes are completely useless because they are vague and don’t address the specifics of this situation. For example: is Israel seriously expected to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders? This is, in my opinion, a completely ridiculous demand. What about Jerusalem? Is Israel to withdraw and leave the wailing Wall behind? How likely is that to happen? And how reasonable is it to expect Israel to do so? (I, for one, think it’s completely unreasonable.)

      Unfortunately, I don’t believe the conflict has any chance of getting resolved in any productive way while so many people around the world are profoundly interested in it not being resolved.

      I want to remind everybody that when Russia invaded Chechnya (twice), nobody in the West made a peep. When Russia invaded Georgia – an independent country, a sovereign nation!!! – nobody made a peep. OK, McCain made a peep and I respected him for it. Everybody else, though, kept mum. So when people start getting all self-righteous about horrible Israel not recognizing Palestine’s desire for independence, I always want to vomit.


  2. 2 points/ lies in Abu Mazen’s speech stood out for me:

    1) he talked of not turning the conflict into religious one and in the same speech accused Israel of hurting Muslim holy places, when in reality Palestinians & Arabs have a long history of destroying Jewish holy places up to today and Israel not so.

    2) he said that some settlers’ “price tag” operations are backed by Israeli army. In fact, Israeli law punishes those Jews, which are a small fridge against whom rabbis & other right wing voters speak. Also settlers are regularly killed, which can’t be said of living in vicinity Arabs. Just ~ a week ago in “price tag” opperation somebody entered Israeli military base and destroyed property:

    12 vehicles damaged inside IDF base in West Bank; incident takes place two days after IDF demolished three homes in Migron outpost

    Surely, had army supported “price tag” operations, we wouldn’t have seen it.


      1. A family was killed?
        Put hate slogans on walls of mosque / vandalize a Palestinian graveyard / cut off their olive trees, to which Abu Mazen refered in the UN speech

        Israeli army does X against settlers? F.e. evacuates a settler base .
        Do something violent too.


        1. I think the first absolutely necessary step in the direction that will offer some hope of resolving the situation is to accept that both Israelis and Palestinians have done some pretty horrible things to each other. The next step would be to recognize the force that pushed them to do those horrible things. Any discussion of who was more horrible, barbaric, nasty, violent, etc. leads to a dead end.


          1. *The next step would be to recognize the force that pushed them to do those horrible things.*

            What do you mean by “the force”? US?

            Palestinians haven’t left hope of their right of return to Haifa & Tel Aviv. Ever. Without US they wouldn’t become more Israel friendly suddenly.


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