Gorbachev in Montreal

Mikhail Gorbachev will be giving a talk in Montreal on October 21. I can’t believe I can’t be there! The cheapest ticket is, of course, $350 but I would have totally found the money. It would be great to hear what Gorbachev has to say about Russia’s future now that Putin has voted himself back into the presidency of the Russian Federation.

Gorbachev turned 80 this year, which is 24 years longer than an average life expectancy for a male in his country. I hope he lives for at least 80 more years but you just never know.

So if you are in Montreal, consider going and then telling me all about it.

9 thoughts on “Gorbachev in Montreal

  1. Heh, while he is there, is he going to thank Sarah Palin for always waving at his fellow people in Russia from the western Coast of Alaska ? 🙂


  2. Maybe I am softheaded, but I have had a positive impression of Gorbachev since my time in Brasil in the late 80s. If he were such a good guy, how could he rise to the top of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union. Before and after him, ascension seemed to be based on who and how many people you could kill; except for Yeltsin, who seemed to ascend based on how much alcohol he could consume. Gorbachev seemed to do more to relieve international tension than other world leaders before or since. When I look a list of the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize and find Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger, I wonder how that committee could have overlooked Gorbachev; however, he is in good company with Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi. I often say that Jimmy Carter is the best ex-President we have ever had. Perhaps it is similar for Gorbachev.


    1. I believe that Gorbachev was chosen precisely because he was young, dynamic, charismatic and likely to charm the Westerners into believing his plan for change. I have no doubt he was always sincere in his efforts but he was sacrificed by powers stronger than himself when he wasn’t needed any more.


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