Not Very Good News

So I just discovered that our Vice-Chancellor is going to retire next summer. This makes me kind of sad because he is a very good leader for our university and I really like him. He is always very attentive and respectful to junior faculty members, never pulls rank on us or makes us feel ike we are insignificant if we don’t have tenure. He learned my name before I ever learned his, which is impressive given that I was one of 55 new hires the year I came here.

As we say in my culture, a fish starts to rot from its head. A bad leader can have a very negative impact on the entire institution. I hope that the person who substitutes our Vice-Chancellor is at least half as good as he is.

6 thoughts on “Not Very Good News

  1. Don’t know if you know, but today in the evening was (now almost 00:00) Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and now you know what I wish you for next summer. 🙂


      1. L’Shana Tova (shana = year, tova = good)

        Shana Tova u’metuka – Happy and sweet year. (Sweet like an apple in honey, which is usually eaten).


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