Working without an office is very frustrating. I have to lug all of my stuff on my back all day long. I have no access to a computer or a printer on campus, which makes it extremely difficult to do all of the paperwork I need to be doing every fifteen minutes. Computers at the library make it impossible to conduct research (which makes me doubt why they exist at all. I mean who heard of a library computer that is set up to prevent you from accessing your library account or interlibrary services?)

And I also discovered that my office will be the last one to get redecorated from all the offices at my department.

And I can’t get access to my grant funds because now that all the paperwork has been packed up and left in storage, nobody has any idea where anything is.

And my shoulder hurts because of these stupid vaccines that I had to get done yesterday. I also can barely lift my arm.

And the books I ordered from Spain still haven’t arrived.

And I just received an email saying that the paperwork I submitted today will have to be redone for the fourth time.

And the battery on my cell phone keeps dying at the worst possible moment.

OK, now that I have vented, I feel better.

3 thoughts on “Venting

  1. On days like this, I sometimes ask my self and why I haven’t started a blog of my own. Hooray to venting that keeps us sane 🙂


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