What’s Better, a Tampon or a Book?

There has been a veritable explosion of comments that people leave to my reviews on Amazon. Today, comments have been coming in a steady stream. Some of them are weird to the point of freakiness.

For instance, a male reader who is unhappy with a low rating I gave to a trashy novel investigated my other reviews and wrote with indignation how horrible it was that I gave such a low rating to the book while leaving a glowing review for Tampax tampons. Another male reader followed his lead, investigated the Tampax review, and also expressed his anger as to the shocking fact that a person might like a brand of tampons but dislike a book.

In case you are wondering, I did not criticize the novel in question for its low absorbency and an inconvenient applicator. So the male readers’ anger is very difficult for me to comprehend. Maybe they had some painful experiences with this brand of tampons and discovered that a book served their purposes better.

This isn’t even comparing apples to oranges. This is closer to comparing. . . well, no comparison that would be weirder than one between books and tampons actually comes to mind.

12 thoughts on “What’s Better, a Tampon or a Book?

  1. What about comparing a review of an iphone app with that a toilet brush?

    Seriously though, what is wrong with them? Are they that invested in this novel to the point of considering criticism of it personal insult?


    1. To tell you the truth, that negative review received four pages of very passionate comments from many people. I have no idea why this particular very trashy and boring book makes people so emotional.


  2. With credit to Laurie Anderson

    Buenos noches Señores y Señoras. Bienvenidos.
    La primera pregunta es: ¿Qué es más macho,
    pineapple o knife?
    Well, let’s see. My guess is that a pineapple is more
    macho than a knife. ¡Sí, correcto!
    Pineapple es más macho que knife.
    La segunda pregunta es: ¿Qué es más macho,
    lightbulb o schoolbus?
    Uh, lightbulb?
    ¡No! Lo siento, Schoolbus es más macho que lightbulb.


  3. Judging from all the magical abilities tampons have acording to tv commercials, I would not be suprised to see that you can unfold and read them.


    1. I can confirm there is no writing on the inside (not even an insert this way arrow). I have had a look inside these things twice in my life, The first time my mother almost beat me to death as it was her last one. The second my wife accused me of having another woman over who had then stolen one of her tampons. I tried to retrieve the evidence but the garbage men had emptied the bin.


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