Violence Against Women Awareness Month in the Indian Blogosphere

Fellow blogger Priyanka asked me to participate in getting the word out about the Violence Against Women Awareness activism she participates in and invites us all to join. October has been designated the Violence Against Women Awareness month in the Indian blogosphere. I think we should support women of the subcontinent by heading over to Priyanka’s blog, reading her posts on this subject, and joining our voices to those of people who are speaking out against violence in the subcontinent and everywhere else in the world:

 This month is a symbolic time for women, especially subcontinental women (hopefully, across all subcontinental religions). We are the inheritors of immense power, love, authority and fulfilment. And yet, we are routinely beaten, groped, raped, bought wholesale, and sold short. Even in great love, we don’t always find equality or respect. Reacting to the barrage of casual sexist insults immediately marks us out as hysterical, violent, privilege-stealing feminazis, with no sense of humour.

The Violence Against Women Month is not meant to address such condemnations. We’ve realised converting the last nay-sayer and mocker is a waste of our already-stretched energy, because they detract on principle. Instead, we choose this month to focus on ourselves: share our stories, find empathy where we least expected it, feel reassured that we are not alone. And make use of the resources, assert ourselves, raise our voices, demand safety, demand respect, demand happiness.

I’m not from the subcontinent but I think I will join this important action by writing a post on violence against women in my culture. If you have stories, posts or articles to share on the subject, head over to Priyanka’s blog.

I’ve made this post sticky, so scroll down for new posts.

4 thoughts on “Violence Against Women Awareness Month in the Indian Blogosphere

  1. Thanks for the post, Clarissa. Violence against women is a universal truth, unfortunately, so the more people talk, I suppose the better it is.

    Do send all your posts on the subject to us at so we can come read and share. You can also get the badge code from the main website or even my blog.


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