A General Query

Do I really need to have discussions on my blog about why abortion rights are crucial to any civilized society? Can I honestly be expected to discuss anything with people who use the expression “unborn babies” in earnest? Seriously?

I know there are still those completely barbaric, terrified creatures whose Mommies hated the shit out of them wandering around us who still talk about “unborn babies” and “undead corpses.” But they are all consigned to the garbage heap of history and they know it. Can I really be expected to waste my time on them? All they are good for is laughing at their fear and hatred of human sexuality but even that gets boring very soon. It isn’t like they even know how to talk or reason. They are so stuck on the deeply traumatic (to them) fetal stage that they never manage to progress beyond that.

Dear woman-hating anti-choicers, please go away to those badly written websites with horrible spelling and ridiculously stupid arguments where creatures of your ilk graze, OK? This is a blog for people who have a fully developed adult brain. You are not going to like it here anyways.


34 thoughts on “A General Query

  1. Sheesh, my brain isn’t even fully developed yet (It apparently reaches the end of development at age 25) and I still understand concepts like autonomy, freedom, and choice quite clearly. Shouldn’t everyone else?


    1. Oh, didn’t you hear? Fetuses have fully developed brains, maybe even at conception. So all of us who were developing our brains until the age of 25 were really behind. 🙂 🙂

      Isn’t it funny, though, how those same folks who believe fetuses are people stop seeing them as people the moment they are actually born? This is the most bizarre thing about them.


    2. I read a (newspaper, not academic) article recently that even suggested 30. Having experienced a noticeable improvement in my logical reasoning skills between 25 and 30, my anecdata agrees with them.


  2. “Life begins at conception and ends at birth?”

    You could easily read what noinatissima* wrote like this:
    “Your Life begins at conception and ends at the birth of your child?”

    Would be a nice tie-in to all this sacrifice stuff that floats around and says that a good woman is a woman who does everything for their family and children at the cost of their own wellbeing.

    Also, if she is right, I still have 2 more years until I run out of brain development. That is kind of a relief when I think about all the stuff I don’t even begin to understand 🙂


    1. I’m glad this thread is producing so much great humor.

      According to anti-choicers, a woman’s life must end at conception because from that point on it starts belonging to everybody but herself.


  3. You can blame the pro-choice movement itself for refusing to dodging the question of whether fetuses are persons, instead of refuting the anti-choice claim that life begins at conception.

    While some pro-choice people do have arguments refuting the central claim of the anti-choice movement, the leadership of the pro-choice movement has remained silent. Take a quick glance at Naral.org or PlannedParenthood.org and see if you find a single statement along the lines of “a fetus is not a human being”. Now try looking at some anti-choice websites and see how easy it is to find argument in favor of fetal personhood.

    Go to an anti-choice protest and you will see people messages like “abortion stops a beating heart” or “life begins at conception”. I have NEVER seen a pro-choice rally where someone had a sign saying “life begins at birth” or “abortion doesn’t kill anyone”.

    Is any surprise that “pro-choice” politicians like John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton have begun to concede fetal personhood while Barack Obama considers the question “above his paygrade”?

    If you’re wondering why more people are believing that abortion “kill babies”, it’s because the pro-choice leadership is too meek to refute this lunacy.


    1. Oh, you are absolutely right. As usual, the Dems can’t have the courage of their convictions and just say what they think. In the area where I live, there are all kinds of offensive anti-abortion billboards. And not a single pro-choice billboard. These zealots have everybody so scared that people are terrified to say anything that contradicts their barbaric beliefs.


  4. Oh dear.
    You speedily down falling in my view, with all its my poor grammar and undeveloped Aspie brain.
    Alas, your atheism just a product of Homeland.
    Even for non-atheism: you just do not know 100% what is going on re fetus; nor anyone ‘knows” . Like those poor ones in a coma: medicine,catscan etc etc shows they are dead vegetables; while loving relatives and family after 20 years of love getting the miracle–a strange product of “love”(who knows what it is –non material)–their loved one one day became a soul, human again–rare cases exists, yes?
    So just leave fetuses alone: either make your sexual and other life so wise and planned so not to deal with un-wanted fetuses and to take a task to decide on your own who is here the ‘human”,or to question- does soul and miracle and God exists etcetc
    or simply let them live. –so simple: let them live or not to be conceived.
    definitely : the number of great physicists who believe in God, miracle, “soul” etc–‘religion’-
    practically equal to number of those great scientists physics etc who are atheists like you.
    it is more likely from ethical point JUST IN CASE –not to kill something that you have no 100%knowledge about.
    It is Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer…-not to least-you know– who would not kill “that”, something previously live, something… not insect, nor feral cat , not fetus.
    Am not a democrat, nor political, not atheist, not “religious”. I have no idea about billboards and pro-choice.
    Listen: is not better and enough possible to “make sex life” without planned murder of fetuses?
    Hell with “sex” and all that just lasting a few seconds long ~~~
    just think ethic.
    Don’t beat me with your feet.
    I am serious.


    1. I said a gazillion times that I’m not an atheist. Nobody in my family is.

      I guess that according to your logic, nobody should have their appendix or amygdalae removed, either, right? ‘Cause you know, all those bacteria that might live in an appendix, it’s so wrong to kill them poor little mites.

      ‘Listen: is not better and enough possible to “make sex life” without planned murder of fetuses”

      -Erm, what fresh round of insanity is this one? What planned murder of what?

      It’s sad that I ask people specifically to take this unhealthy Mommy-resentment away from my blog and they don’t listen.


    2. … either make your sexual and other life so wise and planned so not to deal with un-wanted fetuses…

      Give me a world where I haven’t had to worry about — let alone have, let alone on a regular basis — sex against my will. Then maybe we can talk.

      it is more likely from ethical point JUST IN CASE –not to kill something that you have no 100%knowledge about.

      You have no 100% knowledge of me. Why would you suggest it’s okay — it’s “simple” — for me to risk my life so that a fetus might continue to grow in my uterus?


      1. Give me a world where I haven’t had to worry about — let alone have, let alone on a regular basis — sex against my will. Then maybe we can talk.

        I find this answer problematic. 99% of abortions aren’t from rape. Also even in world without rape, birth control may fail, and I would want to still have the ability to legally abort.


      2. El, it’s a fair point, and I agree with you.

        I just get frustrated with the “just be sexually responsible” admonitions and react pretty emotionally off of that. My response wasn’t worded well.

        Even in a world without rape, I too would want meaningful access to safe and legal abortion. But I don’t think we’ll ever get to a world without rape.


  5. For the especially dim-witted among us: the point of this thread is to ridicule stupid woman-haters. If anybody wants to defend woman-hating, the post specifies explicitly where such people should betake themselves.


  6. Humor alert.

    I think we should begin mourning for all the unconceived babies. Men should look at women who arouse their lust and immediately go into mourning for the numerous babies who were denied conception because said men never got it on with these particular women. There are so many of them that the grief should be overwhelming. Can we construct a giant Memorial to the Unconceived on the National Mall, next to the Hirshorn, perhaps?


    1. David – Humour response – you’re not funny.

      Why I don’t trust ‘progressives’ and pro-choice people. There is a simple example of a man in the Canadian Prairies, who killed his 13yr old disabled daughter, out of mercy, he said. Even though he went jail for over 10 years, there are many who applaud him as a hero and visionary. These are the same people who deny that life begins before birth.

      There is nothing you will ever be able to say that will convince me that babies are not ‘alive’ before birth. I was there while my wife was pregnant – we could feel the movement, the hiccups. We could read the separate heartbeat on a the fetal monitor. Not every sperm is sacred, but every life is. When we live in a society that has disposable people, then there is nothing preventing us from determining that anyone can be disposable.


      1. “Even though he went jail for over 10 years, there are many who applaud him as a hero and visionary. These are the same people who deny that life begins before birth.”

        -You are conveniently forgetting, Patrick, that on your request I blogged about this very case of a father killing his disabled daughter, condemning the father as self-serving. And you thanked me for that post, Patrick. Don’t remember it? Here it is: https://clarissasblog.com/2011/02/18/mercy-killings/

        Is this a strange memory lapse on your part that now makes you accuse me of “applauding him as a hero”? Or are you so blinded by your hatred that you willfully disregard something you know to be a fact?

        Nobody is trying to convince you that women are human beings. Nobody is trying to convince you that the life of these very obviously existing human beings is valuable and should belong only to them. Nobody is trying to convince you that children who are born unwanted by their mothers and resented and abhorred during the entire process of gestation will grow up to be deeply disturbed miserable human beings. Nobody is trying to convince you that your desire to decide what happens within the uteri of other human beings is deeply unhealthy. Nobody is trying to convince you that the experiences of you and your wife are of absolutely no interest to other human beings and cannot reasonably be expected to influence the lives of other human beings. Just like I, for example, do not expect you to suffer horrible burdens because I felt something someplace for some reason.

        All that I’m doing here is asking women-haters to take their Mommy issues some place else.


  7. Hi dear all.
    1. I am not a troll. Did not appear too many times I guess anyway
    2.It is not my IP address- why “to spy”-what a nonsense- ask me if you need.
    3. Hmm I am a woman=not a woman-hater, though…now… Hmmm… Become step by step lol
    4. What the Hell all that reaction
    5. I was polite and nice and loving.
    6.You said you are free- so to have an opinion as well- so mine- was same and I actually was a loving humble reader
    7. Be well. Sure I am not write anymore here, no worries. Sad.


  8. It has always struck me as significant that anti-choice (compulsory pregnancy) folks define the point where “life begins” as the only point where a male is involved, biologically, in the reproductive process. This is male supremacy at its most extreme.

    It makes just as much sense, logically, to assign the point of ovulation as the point where life begins, and that an ovum must absorb a sperm to develop, but that this is a minor factor in the scheme of things. The definition of life as beginning at birth is the most humane one, I think.


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