Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

A very powerful post about a personal journey out of poverty and the legacy it leaves behind.

An extremely helpful and easy to understand post on how to read a poem.

Do you need to grow some balls? Where does this expression come from?

A great review of Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender. If I ever find the time, I’ll finally write my own review of this book.

Why Obama will be overwhelmingly re-elected in 2012. I don’t think Obama’s lead will be overwhelming but I do think he’ll win. The Republicans still don’t have a candidate that can win.

Fat men and feminism. How can we analyze fat hatred productively?

So rail all you want: I am still research oriented, bitchez, and I am still efficient, bitchez, even if you would rather I were all fluff.

This is very similar to how I feel about the Occupy Wall Street protests.

A great post on hierarchies.

Should people be able to copyright reality?

Another very interesting post on Occupy Wall Street protests.

A Nigerian blogger on the stigma attached to the “Nigerian Prince scam.”

16 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

  1. I enjoyed series of 5 posts at Zero at the Bone blog about the case of Alice Mitchell:

    Alice Mitchell was a white society girl who grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, in the USA, during the late nineteenth century. Very much in love with her fiance, Freda Ward, she’d been devastated when Ward’s family cut off contact between them. Deciding that, if she couldn’t have Ward, neither could anyone else, on 23 January 1892, at nineteen years of age, she slit the throat of seventeen-year-old Freda in the street. And American ideas about sexuality, violence, and the nature of womanhood got shot to hell.

    Zero did a good research using a variety of primary and secondary sources, which can be seen in Part Five: Conclusion post, about media’s and public’s treatment of the case.


  2. The Astrolabe timezone copyright claim is absolute bullshit and that they actually found a lawyer representing them is bordering on a miracle. I mean this database is nothing more than a list of facts. It is as if I would compile a list of city names together with the country they are in and some Atas publisher would sue me for stating that Milwaukee lies in Wisconsin. *RAGE*


    Heart Failure – Diary of a Third Year Medical Student

    US Medical Student was horrified by some things during his hospital training and decided to share. I was especially interested in “Obstetrics/Gynecology – Miscarriage of Justice” and “Pediatrics – Failure to Thrive” sections.


    1. Seems like this person is ready to start a “Hospital Misery” blog. 🙂

      Some people are not psychologically equipped to become doctors or teachers. There must be some deep vein of masochism making them choose professions they abhor so much.


      1. Whether he is suited or not, some things he describes aren’t OK, like practicing “pelvic exams on anesthetized women without their consent and without their knowledge” and the story of spinal tapping max 5-year-old too 😦


          1. As for the pelvic exams, I don’t see it specified at any point what kind of surgery it was. If it was brain surgery, for example, then obviously pelvics are completely inappropriate. But if it was gynecological surgery, then what’s the problem exactly? Patients knew that their genitals would be attended to in the process of the surgery, so they were.


  4. Blog Carnival: Domestic Violence Awareness Month — I’m trying to organize a blog carnival to get people reading and writing about the realities of domestic violence — since a lot of folks (at least ones I’ve talked to) seem to buy into a lot of misconceptions.

    Hating Gym, Scale Edition — My guest post over at Fit and Feminist, on how I discovered 9th grade gym was going to be hell in polyester shorts.

    I also had 2 guest authors this week:Katie, writing Exercise: What’s the Point? and ThatWordGrrl, writing The Most Interesting Patient in the World.


  5. Have you heard of Occupy Boston:
    And how it has ended:

    Found this too ugly for words:

    I was out there last night but left before the arrests began, because I was told I might not get a nursing license if I had a “disorderly conduct” on my record. It was infuriating to walk out when I had friends staying behind and standing their ground, but one of the ugly dynamics of this movement is that too many of the people who need it can’t afford to protest.


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