Answering Searchers’ Questions

Many bloggers are kind enough to answer questions that bring readers to their blog. I decided to be nice, too, and provide some answers to frequent searches that bring people here.

american and eastern european women: differences and similarities – I don’t know about differences, but we all have one thing in common: we hate it when people generalize about us.

libertarianism is applied autism – Is a statement made by complete idiots. It’s a good idea not to be one of them.

who accepts guest posts? – Not me. I find that readers ignore even the most brilliant guest posts with daunting dedication.

what is poverty like – You really want to find out or are you just into slumming? Be careful what you wish for, buddy.

what people are invited to amazon vine? – Nobody really knows but it seems like being a very popular and prolific reviewer who resides in the US helps.

“spanish prof” blog – Is located right here.

is creative class dead – No. It’s growing thanks to the advances in technology.

“tenured radical” “profacero” – Are two completely different bloggers.

who googling me – Not me. I don’t even Google myself. Of course, if your name is Pilar Sinues de Marco, I might have Googled you today. In that case, I have bad news for you: you’ve been dead for a long time. But I also have good news: you used to be a bestselling writer in the XIXth-century Spain.

hard wiring, the brain – Anybody who speaks of “hard-wiring” in relation to the brain is a useless quack. E.g. Dr. Phil.

what do you like about san francisco – I like the food and the fog. Also, it’s a great place for walking and shopping. And, of course, the writer John Lescroart.

why can’t we be more like canada – Because “we” are probably a different country.

tall women dating short men – Happens just as often as short men dating tall women.

who’s clarissa of clarissa’s blog? – A brilliant blogger.

If there are any more questions, just ask.

5 thoughts on “Answering Searchers’ Questions

  1. A random thought: Are there any other countries beside the U.S which want to be more like Canada specifically? It seems to be a purely American wish to be more like Canada. 🙂


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