I’m So Tired That. . .

. . . I’ve been trying to remember the equivalent of Papa Noel / Father Frost in English for 4,5 hours and I still have no idea. But I won’t Google him on principle.

. . . I remember there is a principle but I’m not sure what it is any more. So I’m upholding it just in case.

. . . I wrote to a student that I don’t mind meeting him tomorrow on campus, on a day when I don’t have to be on campus.

. . . I addressed a man at the convenience store in Russian.

. . . What’s worse, I think he responded.

. . . What’s even worse than that, I might have imagined it.

. . . I engaged in a conversation with a barking dog and told it to go fuck itself. When I was little, my father always taught me to pay no attention to people who said stupid things by asking me, “If you walk down the street and a dog barks at you, would you stop and bark back?” Yes, Dad, apparently I would.

. .  I feel indifferent towards my favorite treats from Edible Arrangements (frozen bananas in two kinds of chocolate.)

. . . Seeing these tributes to Steve Jobs brought me to tears. And I’m a person who struggled with a Mac in class today, using it as an opportunity to teach my students the richness of swearing terminology in the Spanish-speaking world.

. . . I shared stupid Russian jokes with my readers.

. . . And I still can’t remember the name of this guy dressed in green and red who brings Christmas presents. The  one who goes down the chimney and stuff. Seriously, I haven’t a clue.


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