Clarissa in Honduras

Reader Kinjal was traveling in Honduras when he snapped the following photo that he was kind enough to send to me:

“Clarisa” with one “s” is a very common Latin American name (see Isabel Allende’s work, for example.) What is surprising here is that the Americanized double “s” version of Clarissa appears here at a diner in Honduras.

As I mentioned before, ‘Clarissa’ is a nickname I chose for this blog to commemorate my grandmother who was one of the greatest female influences on my life. In a translation of a novel dedicated to her, I decided to transcribe her name as ‘Klarissa.’

Cyrillic characters obviously differ greatly from Latin characters.


6 thoughts on “Clarissa in Honduras

  1. That is where i lived before i came to america! My mom is Clarissa, proof that i lived there that is In Florida Copan. Proof is that diner ( my house ) the front part is where the diner is and the rest is the house, in 2011 there wasnt the sign where its saids ” Bienvenidos a Florida Copan” (welcome to Florida Copan) now there is!


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