Questioning Provincial Realities

Jonathan writes:

Just reading those history books was a revelation. That’s the exact moment when I became an intellectual. Interesting that this is about (in other words, exactly) the same time I started to question religion. Just getting a larger perspective makes you question the provincial realities of your own time and place.

I know what Jonathan is talking about here. At about the same age, I started to feel too constricted by the  provincial realities of my time and place (what a beautiful, apt expression!). For me, this meant questioning atheism.

Everything is relative, people. When I was at school, the rebellious, anti-establishment thing to do was to protest the teaching of the evolution as the only explanation of how things came about.


2 thoughts on “Questioning Provincial Realities”

  1. But you didn’t question evolution to be “rebellious, anti-establishment”, right? You did it because you felt something different.

    I never felt religious, so there is no coming to atheism story. It has always been like air, natural. However, may be learning about other religions played a role too, on subconscious level. I remember this beautiful book with red cover from childhood – “Legends & Myths of Ancient Greece”. Supposedly, they belived in their numerous gods as sincerely as people believe now in one.

    May be since I was born later, I don’t remember studying atheism at school. Couple of times Svideteli Iegovi even tried to give my Jewish grandmother their books. There was a very beautiful pic of Paradise in one of them with cute little girl and lots of animals. Why didn’t I scissor it out and save as a souvenir? 😦


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