The Post Where I Whine

I don’t know if people noticed the uncharacteristic dearth of posts on this blog today and yesterday. In case you are wondering whom or what to blame for it, the answer is my office. Or, rather, lack thereof.

Normally, I have at least an hour and a half before classes start, 2,5 hours between lectures and 45 minutes after lectures end (and before my bus arrives). That comes to 11 hours per week (Fridays are short days for me) of office time. This is the time I use to do all of my teaching and service stuff. Then, I never have to do any grading, class preparation, exam creation, paperwork, etc. at home.

Without an office, however, I spend all of that time wandering around campus and being completely useless. And the 11 hours of work I could have done in the office have to be pushed back to the weekends. Which, of course, is very annoying because who wants to spend all Sunday grading and preparing classes for the week?

The good news is that, in all probability, I will be able to share photos of my refurbished office with you by the end of next week.

2 thoughts on “The Post Where I Whine

    1. I tried but it never worked out. The Internet connection at the library is slow. I can’t use a printer because I don’t have a student card. And connecting my external flash drive to these communal computers feels unsafe. Besides, there are students walking around all the time, so preparing midterms and grading requires you to look around all the time like some sad, porn-searching creep.


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