Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

A really cathartic post on how to liberate oneself from an emotionally abusive relationship that masks as simple friendship.

How one college is making life hell for its non-tenured teaching faculty. I know you must be hearing such stories all the time but it’s important to know what’s going on in the war on teaching. Otherwise, we will miss these changes when they sneak up on us.

Teaching girls to say yes. A brilliant post on the ridiculous way in which sexuality is framed in this uptight, Puritanic society.

A great post from a passionately Republican prof. Should we abolish money altogether?

Writers: beware! You might get coerced by a publishing house if you don’t find an agent to represent you. An important post every author should read.

Communists have been asking themselves the same question for 150 years now: of all the classes, why is the proletariat the least interested in Communism? Here is the most recent round of these hilarious attempts at convincing oneself that there is a chance of finally getting workers to give a damn about Communism. (You see? I’m fair, I give backlinks to crappy articles, not just to the good stuff. Equality rules on this blog!)

Anti-Semitism in the Occupy Wall Street protests. Is it a ploy aimed at slandering the protesters?

Reading the Bible makes you liberal.

What causes bias in scientific publications and how to avoid it.

A fascinating photo-report from the Occupy Toronto protests.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

  1. I can’t really comment on a lot of this stuff since it relates to US culture and politics, which I know too little about (especially the culture). Issues relating to Zimbabwe, which I have largely chosen to identify myself with, are simply different. The realities are more extreme, more rudimentary. For example, yesterday on Facebook, a young woman pops up on Skype chat and says “I know you’re not a doctor, but can you help me?”

    I ask her how and she says well, she’s had a strange growth on her vagina for about a year and she thinks it might be cancerous. In Zim culture, there is this tendency to address your issues to any sympathetic authority figure. I conferred with an older female Zim activist in Zimbabwe (an incredible woman who was raped by both Rhodesian forces and guerrilla forces during the war). We both agree the girl needs to see a doctor ASAP. The issues are just different.


  2. I thought you may love Tiger Beatdown’s post on Call-Out Culture and Blogging as Performance (“Come one, come all! Feminist and Social Justice blogging as performance and bloodshed”)

    GOP Senator Pushes Radical Bill To Restrict Discussion Of Abortion Over The Internet
    DeMint’s amendment would ban women and their doctors from discussing abortion over the Internet

    Twilight of Violence: An Interview with Steven Pinker about his new book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined”

    Viewpoint: Is the alcohol message all wrong?
    Kate Fox, a social anthropologist, thinks that “The effects of alcohol on behaviour are determined by cultural rules and norms, not by the chemical actions of ethanol.”


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