Domus Cafe in Ottawa, Canada: A Review

Today in Ottawa, I decided to take my sister to lunch to show my gratitude to her for driving me to Ottawa for my conference and back. We chose to visit Domus Cafe whose talented young chef uses ideas borrowed from Canadian country food by takes them in the direction of haute cuisine (I still can’t get out of my French-speaking mode, so please bear with me until I go back to the US).

Here is how Domus Cafe looks inside:

It is located in Ottawa’s vibrant Byward Market, so it’s very easy for any tourist to find. Here is how Domus Cafe looks on the inside:

We came right after the restaurant opened at 11 am, so it was still empty. It really filled up for lunch, however, even though this is not a cheap place. Of course, the food is so good and the service is so spectacular that there is no mystery to Domus cafe’s popularity. Here are the lattes we ordered with our lunch:

I’m trying to learn to take better photos. How does this one look? I think it’s better than the ones I usually take. W

We had a long way back to Montreal ahead of us, so we decided to order a big lunch. For appetizers, we got mushroom bisque. I loved it because it was not oversalted, like mushroom bisques often are. One huge differences between US restaurants (even very expensive ones) and Canadian restaurants is that food is always grievously oversalted in the US. Here is this beautiful bisque that smelled and tasted of mushrooms:

As an entree, my sister had a mushroom barley risotto. I’d never tried a barley risotto before and I’m glad I did because it’s a very interesting dish that I now plan to recreate at home. The risotto was very delicately seasoned and perfectly done. Here it is:

And I had smoked trout with rosti, apple and endive salad and caramelized pearl onions. This dish was divine. The rosti were very crisp and fresh and the salad was very refreshing, offering a great counterpoint to the saltiness of the roasted trout:

Of course, after this kind of lunch, neither of us was interested in the dessert. In order to fulfill my role of a blogger who faithfully records all aspects of reality, I even took a photo of the bill:

This was an expensive lunch but we were enjoying a special occasion, so it was absolutely worth it.

20 thoughts on “Domus Cafe in Ottawa, Canada: A Review

  1. Very strange indeed. There is something kind of dark and European about that place. I imagine it looks Scandinavian. In Australia, all the best restaurants are Italian. The tables are helter skelter and there’s often some kitsch attempt to depict ancient Rome on or around the walls. Apart from that, there are some rather stiff and cheap south-east Asian restaurants.


  2. Damn, its pretty bad when an American/Ukraine points out a restaurant in your own city that you dont know. 😉
    I think the wife and I will be checking it out in the near future. 🙂


  3. I suppose there is no acounting for tastes. I love kangaroo. I dislike ostrich intensely. I have declared myself a second-order vegetarian: I will not eat my fellow (mammalian) carnivores. Venison, is wonderful, as are elk, bison, and wild boar. Alligator (not a mammal) does not taste good to me at all. Turtle does taste quite good.

    Sorry. I suppose I was supposed to wait for the new thread.


  4. Kangaroo is very tasty and if they are farmed for meat, rather than caught wild, they are not infested with myriads of parasites. The meat is better marinaded and then sliced relatively thinly. I eat mine with olive oil and black pepper.


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