Juan Valdez vs Starbucks

I just discovered a great coffee-shop chain at the Newark, NJ airport. It’s called Juan Valdez. It has very original coffee beverages of very high quality and inventive snacks.

I wonder why we don’t have Juan Valdez instead of boring Starbucks with its disappointing coffee and a miserable snack selection in my area.

As we say in Colombia, “Si a usted no le gusta lo colombiano, usted esta mal hecho” (If you don’t like Colombian, you are totally messed up). I hope everybody remembered to turn on their sense of humor this morning.

And how do you prefer to take your coffee?

8 thoughts on “Juan Valdez vs Starbucks

  1. There is one of these in Times Square. I will make a mental note to visit it next time I am around. I think it’s Colombian owned, which would be nice since the profits would be going to Colombia and not just another US corporation.

    Starbucks screwed up. They expanded way too much to the point where it is just like McDonald’s.


  2. I love the cafe culture in Victoria. It’s very gratifying that a cup of good loose leaf tea, real hot chocolate, and nice coffee are never far from me, and that there are baked goods to go along with it.
    I rarely ever drink coffee, but I like it black and sweet, usually with two heaping spoonfuls of cane sugar.


  3. That’s a hilarious business concept. “Juan Valdes” was the peasant character in a commercial for I think Folger’s coffee in the 60s. I’d love to go to a Juan Valdes coffee shop.


  4. I actually like Starbucks, we consider that fancy coffee here in Jersey 😀 And I drink 7-11 coffee when I have a break during classes, I fill up the cup to the brim and add just enough cream to have it change color, then add two packets of cane sugar. My mother thinks I’m crazy to have it that strong, but she has the sort of cafe con leche that’s just a drop of coffee in a cup of milk, that has no effect on me. I must sound like a typical clueless Yank here 😀


  5. I like Starbucks, but I’m not a coffee person – I choose chai/hot chocolate/mocha instead. I loved the hot chocolate in Italy (so thick it’s almost a solid.)


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