Clarissa Meets Che

After we spent over an hour discussing Che Guevara’s life and his assassination by the CIA in 1967, I asked students if they had any questions.

“You told us about how you listened to Fidel Castro’s speeches in Cuba,” one of the students said. “Did you ever meet Che? Or hear him speak?”

Nobody laughed.

I’ve spent the past 15 minutes staring at myself in the mirror, trying to determine whether I really look that ancient or if this is simply a bad day for me.

Well, at least nobody asked me about my experiences during World War I.

14 thoughts on “Clarissa Meets Che

  1. I’ve noticed that people tend to take the Cold War as one big chunk, rather than an actual span of time. Che and Castro had power at the same time. Maybe they just aren’t making the connection that Castro continued to rule Cuba after 1967?


      1. Once, I said I had seen Nirvana on stage and a student asked me if I had seen The Doors too (Jim Morrison died before I was born).

        Off topic: Did you see that one of Stalin’s daughters just died, in Wisconsin?


  2. Reminds me of when a student asked my Sociology teacher, who is in her mid 30s at most, if she went to a grammar school, which were phased out in the late 1960s


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