Cafe Ellefsen in Montreal

When I last visited Montreal, I visited Cafe Ellefsen, a Scandinavian restaurant. I had lunch there with V., a frequent commenter and one of the very first readers of this blog. They serve really great, beautiful smorrebrod, and the prices are very modest.

Here are some photos of their great smorrebrod:

Sausage and fresh cucumber smorrebrod

The saltiness of the sausage is offset beautifully with fresh cucumbers, which makes the smorrebrod absolutely delicious.

And here is a different kind:

Grilled cheese smorrebrod

This one was my favorite:

Egg and caviar smorrebrod

They also serve fresh-pressed orange juice and really cool, huge lattes. And the environment is very good. I highly recommend this place to all lovers of Scandinavian cultures.

The menu also contains something called “Norwegian poutine.” I didn’t get to try it this time but if anybody has and can tell me what it is like, I will be very grateful.


3 thoughts on “Cafe Ellefsen in Montreal

  1. My grandmother, who I lost when I was 10, was from Montreal. I have been fortunate to visit Montreal (along with Ottawa and Quebec) just once. But I was very fond of Canada. And the further north I traveled, the better I liked it.


  2. And I’ve already started to think that you were so traumatized by the smorrebrod incident (for other readers – the waitress misunderstood me and thought I am ordering three big smorrebrods instead of a sampler plate with three small ones, and then Clarissa ordered “the same thing as him” 🙂 🙂 ) that you will never publish this review… 🙂


    1. No, I was secretly happy to have gotten such a huge amount of food. I like food. 🙂 Now, if you’d caused me to get LESS food than planned, we’d have a problem. 🙂

      I was simply too exhausted to connect the camera to the computer for a while.

      Thank you for introducing me to this great place!


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