A Funny Grading Story

It’s grading time, so I will now regale everybody with funny grading stories.

A student was answering the question of “What were the only acceptable choices for women in Franco’s Spain?”

The answer I expected was “a wife, a mother, and a nun.” In the student’s interpretation, this response sounded as “a domestic slave, a breeder, and a nun.”


10 thoughts on “A Funny Grading Story

  1. Funny ‘grading’ story (to share with Spanish literature nerds):

    Q. What is the literary text you enjoyed the most this semester and why?: A. “Cancion del pirata”

    Q. What is the literary text you enjoyed the less and why?”: A. Poems by Espronceda.


  2. I need to vent. My students and I discussing:

    Me: Did you like reading La de Bringas? Do you think it is relevant to read that novel today and why?

    Students.: We did not like it.

    Me: Why?

    Students.: Because it is hard to read.

    Me.: Difficulties notwithstanding, it this a relevant reading today?

    Students.: More or less. It is not as relevant as other novels from the 1990s and 2000s.

    Me.: OK… but what about the financial crisis, debts, and the use of credit in the 19th century and today?

    Students.: Oh… but you should have told us that! How are we suppose to make that connection!

    Me. We saw a 1989 movie based on Galdos’s novel, but the action is in present-day Arkansas. I thought you would connect the dots.

    Students.: You could have given us more movies about the economy today, Or another novel. More contemporary.

    And this is how I failed as a teacher this semester, but I will get better.


    1. And how will you get better, move to a different planet? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m sorry to laugh but this got better and better with every comment. What kind of a weird weird weird creature does not enjoy La de Bringas? I read it for the first time exactly 5 months after I started learning Spanish. It was extremely hard to understand, but God how I loved it. And it did wonders for my Spanish. I read it in Havana. In the shadow of the University of Havana.

      Oh youth, oh innocence. . .


  3. The movie is called Rosalie Goes Shopping by Percy Adlon. Awesome for teaching purposes and showing how comtemporary Galdos’s novel is. Theoretically, I guess.

    I also read La de Bringas when my knowledge of Spanish was intermediate at best, and I peed my pants, even if I did not get 50% of the book. Oh well… I am glad I made you laugh!


    1. Thank you! I totally need to watch it.

      My students didn’t enjoy a documentary on Che Guevera because it’s “booorrrrring.” I’m finding it very hard to encounter things that are not booorrrring.

      My father taught me when I was a kid that the capacity to be bored is evidence of low intellect and general worthlessness as a human being. I haven’t been bored since that lecture.


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