A Political Riddle

Since people seem to have liked the last riddle I posted, here is a new one. It’s based on completely real events surrounding the approaching elections in Russia.

Independent observers and progressive bloggers in Russia are exhorting the voters to bring their own pens to the voting booths. “Please, don’t use the pens that will be provided to you for marking the ballots at the voting polls!” they keep reminding the voters. “During the previous elections, many people forgot to bring their own pens and used the ones that were given to them at the polling stations, and we all know what happened.”

Why do you think it’s so important for Russia’s voters to bring their own pens?



13 thoughts on “A Political Riddle

  1. And the prize goes to Stringer Bell and David Bellamy!

    Pens with disappearing ink were provided on many voting polls during the last elections. It all came out because on some polling stations, they got the wrong kind of pens and the ink disappeared right on front of the stunned voters. Obviously, the right kind of pens would be the one that takes several hours to disappear.


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