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More on Putin’s Botox Addiction

Since people keep coming to the blog in droves seeking Putin’s Botox pictures, I’m happy to oblige. Here is a comparison of how he looked before and how he looks now:

Enjoy! I will be entering the final grades tomorrow and after that I promise to stop posting celebrity gossip and write good, intelligent posts.


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12 thoughts on “More on Putin’s Botox Addiction

  1. He looks less Chinese and more interesting in the first pic


    • I like the pre-Botox one more, too. Why anybody would do this to themselves is a mystery. Then again, I have to go to my Botox-pushing OB-GYN in January and resist his efforts to administer it to me.


  2. No, a face needs character and you should have earned whatever character appears on your face. My face indicates that I have made all the right choices, some of them hard.


  3. *yikes*
    (to be soc. PC and out of respect for you, because may thoughts on this are no/t ‘fit’ for the webz 😉
    just like you said/posted before Clarissa/blogger : ‘insecure omega-male in an alpha-position = danger/-ous’


  4. It looks as though he could be suffering from edema, maybe it is not Botox.


  5. actually i do not care *what* it is.
    the pic with the *heeled* shoes just did it = a very clear sign. sic.


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  9. Looks better in the first picture.


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