A Very Funny Search

A hilarious exchange between two of the funniest readers of this blog (you can find it here at the end of this thread) made me realize that people feel like being entertained at the moment. This makes sense since in the first week of the year nobody can be expected to be interested in heavy topics.

I, however, have no sense of humor left after spending all day long struggling first with my mid-point tenure dossier and then with my Canadian bank account. And unless you have a Canadian bank account, you cannot imagine the degree of aggravation it can produce. I’ve been swearing so much that I now completely lost my voice and can only croak like a sad, old crow.

So in order to come up with something funny for my readers, I had to turn to the search lines that bring people to my blog. This is a strategy that always delivers and it didn’t disappoint me this time. Here is what two individuals were searching for today:

I hope they found what they were looking for.

8 thoughts on “A Very Funny Search”

  1. In Missoula, “Gray Man” was the name of the public servant who was hired to cover all of the local graffiti that appeared on bridges and buildings with a coating of grey paint before it could be effectively removed with other methods. I wonder who wanted to wish him a happy new year?


  2. The “Religion is like a penis” billboard reads like this:

    “Religion is like a penis.

    It’s fine to have one.

    It’s fine to be proud of it.

    But please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around.

    And PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my children’s throats.”


  3. More humor (long) but funny one about ESP try to read this with an Irish accent as only you can.

    So as Im out for a stroll, who does I see but old Mcfearson and in the greeting I ask well Mcfearson where have you been lately son we havent seen you around then. Well says he I’m away to holiday then. Holiday is it and where did you go says I. A long trip, says he. Off to a lovely place called Canada to a city called Toronto says he. Lovely place, lovely says he, but a strange place too. In what way strange says I. It well seems that everyone there has this E.S.P. Very strange. What do you mean says I, do tell us won’t you. Well says he I’m up in the morn and off to a visit, leavin the hotel I steps out too the street. Yes says I go on. Well says he I look ro the curb and there on the ground lays a wallet


    1. So I pick up the wallet and lookin around I sees no one looking like they’ve lost it. So I look into the wallet says he and I’m findin a two dollar bill and that is all. So thinkin I’m two dollars richer for it, I goes into the shop and buys me a lovely fifty cent cigar. And that it was I can tell you. Well upon its finish I just then noticed a wonderful little trolley car coming my way, so I’m thinkin I’ll have me a ride now. Up I go and off we go. We ride a little while and the driver shouts out JANE! And this lady gets up and gets off. Well isn’t that nice says I must be friends. We goes a little further and he shouts GEORGE! And this man gets up and gets off. Well says I to myself this does seem strange. And the doors close and away we go again. Not long then the driver calls ALBERT! And this man he hets up and gets off. Well I’m flustered to confusion now. The doors close again and off we go. Its not long now and the driver calls Mcfearson, so I gets up and I gets off..


      1. Now there’s no doubt to me that this is very strange and as I’m walkin down the street sortin it out this man walks up to me and asks

        Where’s one fifty Mcfearson?
        So I gives him the one fifty, but I just don’t know how he found out about the cigar!!


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