2011 Annual Report

If people are interested in seeing the Annual Report for the time that this blog has been on WordPress (starting from May 18, 2011), it can be located here.

One thing they fail to mention is that this blog’s most popular month was October of 2011. I have no explanation for this.

5 thoughts on “2011 Annual Report”

  1. Congratulations, Clarissa!

    You done better than merely well.

    I too got a report of 2011 activity and have burned it (figuratively at least); the site has improved much in recent months but still doesn’t approach yours. Still, one revelation is worth repeating: Your blog was among the top five for referring readers to mine. Muchas gracias, Senora.


  2. Congratulations! 🙂 You know, when I read your title I thought you mean your annual faculty evaluation report. I don’t know when you do yours but ours are due soon. So I guess I was projecting 🙂 Did I read correctly that you are at mid-tenure? Good luck. I did that last year and it was so time-consuming and irritating. Its hard to summarize in detail every accomplishment. But its great to get feedback before tenure. And you’ll be glad when its done!


  3. Congratulations on the Annual Report – you are so prolific. I like the new photo also.

    I want to send you a Power Point presentation in Spanish which I think you will like – is there any way this can be done as an attachment using ‘Leave a Comment’?

    Perhaps you should set another quiz to guess your astrological sign from your ‘About Clarrisa’ blog. You mention being contrary so I wonder if you were born in May/June? Am probably way out!


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