Am I A Writer?

Báyron of the great Ethecofem blog asks:

Wait a minute, does this mean I count as a writer if I keep a blog?

If you are asking yourself the same question, here is what you need to consider:

– Do you write?

– Do you spend a significant portion of your time writing?

– Do you have readers?

– Are you a reader?

– Is writing an important part of your identity?

If the answer is yes, then you are a writer. And the reason why you have trouble seeing yourself as a writer might be that you have an erroneous image of what a writer is like. (See here and here for more on this subject).

6 thoughts on “Am I A Writer?

  1. ¡Uh oh, you’re flattering me!

    Anyway, this is an important question your asking, especially because of its legal ramifications. I was reading about some federal case, maybe it was recent, maybe not, about how bloggers don’t count as journalists. Basically the further arts and crafts of all kind move into the digital era, especially electric words that are considered cheap, the less respect we be (who’s we?) gettin’ from the establishment. It’s not right, I tell you.


    1. The Oregon judge is an outdated pterodactyl who doesn’t get the modern world. There is a huge anti-blogging campaign unleashed by mainstream media for the reason that traditional journalists simply can’t compete with us. But it’s a losing battle for them. More and more people learn for their news and opinion pieces to us, bloggers.


  2. Yup. There was a little bit of kerfuffle among my acquaintances back in November (National Novel Writing Month) when I decided that while I was going to start work on a novel, I was still going to prioritize my blog writing. (The end result was as I expected, a started but not finished novel, and a solid, good month of blog posts.) They were puzzled because they saw it as me prioritizing blogging over “real writing” as opposed to seeing them both as real writing.


    1. Besides, for a novelist, having a blog is very crucial as an ingredient to their success. When your novel comes out, you already have a group of readers on the blog. I keep telling the writers I know to start blogging already but they don’t always listen.


  3. I think the question is more about if yourself or others consider you as a good or as a bad writer.

    I sure got the issues wich could lead me to be a good writer, but I think I would rather work on those issues.


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