Still Messing With the Pages

I decided to can the Controversy page of this blog, people. So many of my posts are controversial nowadays that I don’t really see the point of linking to all of them from a separate page.

Instead, I have instituted a Photos page where I will post photos of me from time to time. This will allow me to feed my narcissistic streak without interrupting the general flow of the blog.

2 thoughts on “Still Messing With the Pages”

  1. Speaking of messing around with stuff where is your blogroll. I recall a while back you were rebuilding it did you ever put it back up (truth be told I didn’t know where it was even before you talked about rebuilding it).


    1. I meant I was redoing my blogroll on Google Reader. My blogroll contains over 500 sources. I couldn’t publish it here because it’s so long. But I bring useful links every Sunday, instead.


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