Truck Nutz

I will never become truly American, I’m afraid. I’ve been living on this continent since 1998, and yet, there are realities that I am completely unaware of. Blogger P. rhoeas acquainted me with the phenomenon of truck nutz today.

Here is what they look like:

I don’t know what it says about me, but I’m totally into the pink ones. And to the professor who ridiculed me when I said, “In American roadtrip literature a car symbolizes a penis,” what can you say now?

From the following comment on Amazon, I discovered that the truck nutz are supposed to bring good luck:

These balls are a bit large when hung from the rearview mirror of my Prius. They obstruct vision a bit when they swing back and forth. Otherwise they work great. I’ve had quite a bit of luck since I swapped out the ole lucky rabbits foot.

You can find a great selection of them here.

6 thoughts on “Truck Nutz

  1. I was showing a visitor from Spain around my city when we wound up following a truck with those hanging on the back. He did a double take and said, “Is that…what I think it is?” and after I nodded, he started to laugh and we both laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore because our sides hurt too much.


      1. At the risk of stereotyping I would say they are most popular with people who think that having balls makes you a special cool dude. Around my neck of the woods, this is usually men in big trucks with deer hunting and right-wing bumper stickers plastered all over.


  2. I had never seen nor heard of them until a couple of years ago when I moved from Michigan to Indiana for grad school–at which time I was visually assaulted with several of them. Our acquaintances from Seattle were totally familiar with them, though, when I mentioned the whole “why are people putting prosthetic balls on their vehicles” thing. Haven’t seen any since I moved back, so it’s gotta be geographic as well as insert-stereotype-here. Deer hunting and crap like that is really popular in MI, but still no truck-nut sightings…


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