Great Motivation

So I almost interrupted my Seinfeld Chain yesterday. You don’t want to hear my excuses because they are all very predictable and amount to one thing: simple laziness.

Then I went to Jonathan’s blog in search for motivation and read the following statement:

Just remember that there are people like me out there, people who not only have the intellectual capability to publish scholarship of high quality, but who also can work over a hundred days straight on a major project.

And that really lit a fire under my ass. “Oh, really?” I exclaimed loudly, scaring people who were hanging out in the vicinity of my office. “And you are suggesting that I’m not such a person? That I can’t do it? I’ll show you!”

After which, I attacked my document with a passionate dedication.

It’s  a rare skill to know how to motivate people as well as Jonathan does.

P.S. I know that people are bored by the posts on my struggle with research but scholarship is a huge part of my life and I want to write about it. Since I have abandoned personal diary writing in favor of the blog, I need a place to record my journey as a researcher. Feel free to scroll down for more general interest posts.

6 thoughts on “Great Motivation

  1. Not bored! I enjoy this sort of post. You & Jonathan sometimes make me very cross . . . but then I figure out something I can do at the end of the day when I have been busy every minute till 6:00 p.m. & I’m brain-fried but there are actually some research-oriented useful things I can do even when I feel my brain has turned off for the night. So I grumble at you but like your response to Jonathan, it’s useful.


    1. Exactly! Last night, for example, I selected quotes from my secondary sources and typed them into the text of the article in places where I wanted to use them. So today, when I woke up, I knew exactly what I had to work on and started integrating those quotes into the text.


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