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Who Wants to Control Women’s Bodies?

Here is a completely shocking story about a horrible vile monster of a woman who refuses her raped daughter a Plan B pill in order to brag about it online to her equally monstrous friends.

Now repeat after me: the anti-choice movement is not about men wanting to control women’s bodies. It’s about a bunch of vile freakazoids wanting to control women’s bodies.


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28 thoughts on “Who Wants to Control Women’s Bodies?

  1. That story nearly made a vein in my temple rupture. Where the flying fuck of all that is good is Child Protective Services, or whoever is responsible for making sure she never again abuses her daughter in this fashion?!
    If I ever, ever, get any type of political power, I am going to make sure people like that have the book thrown at them for abusing their caretaker/guardian role in this fashion.


    • I know! My BP shot up when I saw this story. How can anybody be so vile? And so goddamn superior that they think they can make such huge decisions for another human being?

      If this woman allows the daughter no agency in such an important matter, I shudder to imagine how she pressures and disrespects her in other areas of her life.


      • The paternalistic (maternalistic?) attitude bleeding through her self-righteous little post said it all for me, she doesn’t respect her daughter as a human being, but as a living token to how good and virtuous she is for caring for this poor little disabled girl. This is probably the tip of the iceberg of fucked up behaviour she’s done towards her.


  2. 6hg gh6g87juhhjjhfg

    That’s what my face said, when I banged it against my keyboard after clicking that link.


  3. And these people move among us and breed!


  4. Evelina Anville on said:

    This actually made me sick to my stomach. What a disgusting story. What a horrible woman.


  5. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve read all year. What a vile turdstain of a human being the poor girl has for a mother!


  6. Wow. That story literally makes me sick to my stomache. I really can’t wrap my brain around that mother’s choice.


  7. Poor girl; what a horrible mother she has.

    On a similar note, the patriarchy is also not about men trying to control and suppress women; it is about a whole of freaks trying to control and suppress women and men, and ensure that everyone sticks to their assigned roles.


  8. lamestllama on said:

    There isn’t much to add really. Just support for the above and a note that I am going to be spending some hours feeling annoyed.


  9. And the daughter says: “I understand that my mother is a product of right wing insanity, so she would probably be quite used to it if I lopped off her head.”


  10. God this reminds me of the story I read about a week ago about a mom that raped her 11 year old daughter and filmed it as a form of sex education.


    • This is turning into a very scary thread.

      Still, I think it’s very important to dispel the pernicious myth that mothers don’t abuse and sexually molest their children. Because they do, even if it conflicts with our mythology.

      Thank you for the link, Danny.


  11. Private Miss on said:

    I agree–this sickens me. I cannot fathom how this mother, if you could even call her a mother–how she could live with herself. I feel for her poor daughter. What difference does it make that she may have been born out of rape or even that she was adopted. So what! What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway. Why would she make a decision for the poor girl and then force her daughter to have to constantly relive a horrific rape. This makes me so angry. I cannot add anything further to the above comments-only mainly agreeing with them. Disgusting!


  12. Anonymous on said:

    Nice…so when this rightwinger (dumb bitch in need of a brain transplant) finds her daughter in the bath with slit wrists, is she going to upload the post-mortem shots via Instagram for all her online cretin friends to see? Because God’s will must always be documented on the Internet?

    Ugghh…I feel my internal organs exploding!


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