I knew that it was very possible that today I wouldn’t be able to maintain my resolution to work on my article every day. And then the universe began to conspire to make sure that I don’t do any research today.

I came to the office an hour and a half before class, hoping to do my writing the first thing in the morning. But then I discovered that I’d forgotten to create topics for oral presentations and it wasn’t like I was going to let students down.

Then, I decided to write during the break between classes. As soon as I opened my document, though, the Chair came and asked for my assistance. And it wasn’t like I could avoid doing what was asked of me because that’s part of my duties.

After I helped the Chair, I said down to write. But then a distraught student came in requesting help. And it wasn’t like I could turn the student away during my own office hours.

I couldn’t write after teaching because we had a committee meeting that went forever. And it wasn’t like I could let my colleagues down and not show up.

Then I came home and N. and I celebrated St. Valentine’s. It wasn’t like I could deprive a person of a long awaited celebration because I hadn’t managed to do any writing during the day.

After celebrating, we watched a movie that we’d been saving specifically for this occasion. (It’s the most unromantic movie you can imagine, but we are a weird couple.) And it wasn’t like I could tell N. to wait until next St. Valentine’s to watch it, right?

So after all these events, I found myself with not a single word added to my article at 11:25 pm.

I’m stubborn, though. If I said I would write every day until this article is finished, then that is what I will do. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to write. To be completely honest, I only managed to squeeze 53 minutes of writing out of myself, after which my brain shut down on me. But I made progress and I feel good about the two paragraphs that I added to the article in that time.

It wasn’t like I was going to let a festive occasion mess with my decision, right?

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