Manuel Vilas

This weekend, I discovered a writer that I absolutely love. His name is Manuel Vilas and it’s a mystery to me how I managed not to know of his existence. His books don’t seem to have been translated into English yet but they definitely should be because he is fantastic. I’m now reading his book called España and it is beyond amazing. This writer even has a blog (it’s in Spanish).

The problem is that I can’t really read this author’s book because after each sentence I stop and spend 15 minutes walking around the house moaning, “Oh, he’s good. He is so good.” My neighbors must probably think I’m having some kind of a porn fest. He’s that talented. Manuel Vilas creates the kind of artwork that you can’t contemplate for too long because it overpowers you.

If you are looking for short stories that you can offer to your Spanish language students, check out this writer. He has a few that can definitely be brought into, say, an Intermediate level classroom. And he has many that can be used as material for graduate courses. Because he’s very good.

God, this writer is good. I will not rest until I now read everything he has ever written. I haven’t felt this way about a writer since I discovered Juan Goytisolo many years ago.

Sorry if this is of little interest to those who do not read in Spanish but I couldn’t contain myself. I will now go moan some more.

6 thoughts on “Manuel Vilas

  1. I did write in my dissertation about Vilas, in fact about his novel España. I also think that novel is fantastic!


    1. “At last a contemporary Spanish writer that seems promising! Jeje…”

      – How mean for a Latin Americanist to say that. Unless, of course, you can provide a list of promising new LatAm writers. 🙂


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