Food-Related Ramblings

I’m so sick that the impossible happened: I gave my entire plate of really great Indian food at the India Night to N. Of course, using the word “great” to refer to Indian food is a tautology because Indian food is always great. It is extremely rare that I even get to see it in this area, so just imagine how lousy I must be feeling to give up my entire plate.

After the India Night, we went to the grocery store to buy food for next week. It was a good idea to go tonight because when we got to the store, we saw the announcement that because of the Easter Sunday, the store will be closed tomorrow. I’m the kind of Christian who only becomes aware of Easter after seeing a grocery store announcement.

I’m very weird about food. I can go with very little sleep for days and not mind. However, if anybody or anything messes with my mealtimes, I become rabid. I might not even want to eat, like today, but I need to know that the food is there and I can access it immediately.
If that seems weird, then remember where I come from and Google the word Holodomor. A Ukrainian cannot bear the idea that food might become inaccessible. When I feel stressed out over anything, I go into the pantry (yes, I have a pantry) and stare at food because it calms me down.

And since I’m rambling in a state of a moderately high fever anyways, I wanted to mention that a real coffee-shop is going to open right next to my house. This is civilization, people. And it isn’t a Starbucks or anything of the kind. Just a coffee-shop where I can get by walking. We are slowly getting civilized.

4 thoughts on “Food-Related Ramblings

  1. “I’m so sick that the impossible happened: I gave my entire plate of really great Indian food at the India Night to N.”


    I’m the same way about meals — I can stay up way past my “bedtime” (I don’t think I even have a bedtime) but I need to eat when I’m hungry or I’ll start looking at people’s arms and legs and wondering what temperature to set the broiler at. (And how much salt to use? People are already pretty salty. Hmmm.) I’m the same way about my coffee. Do not ask me to do anything before I’ve had my coffee.

    That’s why I love my little small town I currently live in. Not only does it have lovely parks and historical buildings and a world-renowned Shakespeare theater down the street from where I live, but it has a coffee shop a block away and when that one is closed (on Sunday) there’s another a couple of blocks away, and there are others a few blocks away. There’s also a Starbucks but I have to drive to get to that. And there is also a tea shop just a walk away which I need to visit more.


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