Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

There is this blogger who keeps verbalizing things I always want to say and never dare to. The walls in my office are papered with printouts of her posts. Here is one from this week: “I love the atmosphere of a public R-1 and I wish I worked for one that had Ph.D programs in my precise interdisciplinary disciplines, but what I have to say to faculty at such places right now is FUCK YOU LAZY-ASS FUCKS!

While the confidence levels of other groups in science have been relatively stable, the conservative drop now means that group is the least likely to have confidence in science. . . Less-educated conservatives didn’t change their attitudes about science in recent decades. It is better-educated conservatives who have done so.

A blogger responds to an idiot who hopes that autistics get “cured” from our “condition” but the idiot is too stupid to understand the response. I hope that she finds a cure for her condition of congenital stupidity.

Why bilinguals are smarter.

Why it is extremely stupid to assume that men are somehow more promiscuous than women. Great post but it’s kind of sad that such obvious things still need to be pointed out to people.

Baby turtles keep brightening up my world with their incredible cuteness. I also love hedgehogs, so if anybody comes across a blog about baby hedgehogs, make sure you tell me.

An anti-Semite and a racist at CalState.

The intolerable hypocrisy of murderous pro-lifers.

It’s good to know that there are people in Arizona who are protesting against the barbarity that has overtaken the state.

How ads aimed at men are constructed. A very insightful post.

Whenever an American university conducts a healthy initiative aimed at educating students about human sexuality, you need to expect some horrifying, idiotic, insulting propaganda coming from unhinged religious freakazoids to get unleashed on that university.  Read the post of the week to see an example.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

  1. I strongly suspect that growing up with two or more parents with different cultural backgrounds helps develop intelligence and problem solving capabilities, even if the languages appear to be the same.

    I suppose one could argue that people with a background similar to mine grew up bilingual, since we simultaneously learned the English of the King James Bible and Shakespeare, and the English of the mid twentieth century. They are pretty different from each other.


  2. Thanks for linking me!

    I’m also helping organize a blog carnival for Sexual Assault Awareness Mnoth. This year’s theme involves talking about healthy sexuality, so anyone who’d like to write about that (regardless of whether they’ve experienced sexual assault in their lives) is welcome to participate.

    Plus, I got mad when a journalist threw unnecessary fat-shaming into a story about an awesome runner.

    And in lighter writings, what happens when my students ask me about condoms.


  3. 1) So I guess that is also why I have trouble in life — can’t resist vocalizing the obvious … ! I have got to become a trial lawyer or other rabble rouser so I can use this impulse to best advantage; academia is too conservative and conventional and staid. 😉

    2) About the public R-1 faculty: per evidence from current project some of the laziest are at U of Illinois-Chicago and Urbana-Champaign. NIU and SIU students are infinitely better advised, so yay for Dame Eleanor Hull and you. This is just the view based on documents I have right now but the contrast is pretty glaring.

    There is this other blogger who I think is well meaning, but to whom you have linked as a person who hates the profession and wants to discourage students — all in the guise of helping — and who quit the U of Illinois system because it was “soul-killing,” yet is now advising others to work in the same soul-killing way.

    I am of two minds about this person’s endeavor since the advice she gives is the standard gold standard and isn’t different in substance than what you’d get from Mayhew or Tanya Golash-Boza … I just react poorly because it comes in the semi-accusatory, vaguely condescending tones you get from the Tenured Radical and her friends, and which to me doesn’t bespeak superiority but limitation.

    Anyway, here’s what I note: if grad students and new faculty take the advice this ex-UIUC blogger gives, then undergraduates at their institutions will need to hire a consultant (like this blogger) to get regular academic advice. Interestingly, it appears that precisely the UIUC and UIC students are in the most need.

    There has got to be something wrong with this mode of production. And I say this despite *also* totally identifying with the sufferings and doubts of the blogger in question.


    1. At least, I can feel good about us, that’s something. 🙂

      “There is this other blogger who I think is well meaning, but to whom you have linked as a person who hates the profession and wants to discourage students — all in the guise of helping — and who quit the U of Illinois system because it was “soul-killing,” yet is now advising others to work in the same soul-killing way.”

      – I follow so many blogs that it’s only very rarely that I can keep track of anybody’s individual story.


  4. About “there is no antisemitism in FSU”. News from Ukraine: (in Russian)

    I initially heard the news from Israeli (only) Russian channel just now and they also said that rabbi from Kiev said that in recent times there are more cases of unpleasant cases of anti-semitism on Kiev’s streets and now it turned physical.


    1. You are a smart person. Do consider the source. An immigrant channel?

      After the fall of the Soviet Union, Israel and US-sponsored Jewish organizations came to Ukraine and behaved in such a way as if their only goal was to promote ethnic hatred. My blood boils when I remember how they were acting and how their members made me feel.


  5. oh my! I haven’t looked at my blog for a while so I missed this (and all your post too, i’ve been really lazy but please!!! forgive me!!!!) just thanks 🙂 it’s been a nice surprise


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