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A Sign

On my new Canadian passport, I look like an ancient old lady in last stages of a terminal disease. And in my new US ID, I look very beautiful. Or, at least, exactly the way I want to look.

I think it’s a sign, people.

P.S. I’m sick and useless, so posts will be abundant today.


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4 thoughts on “A Sign

  1. You got the Green Card you applied for?


    • No, not yet. It’s the card that you get before you get the green card. Apparently, there are stages. This card is white and it will probably ripen into a healthy green color with time. 🙂 🙂

      Bureaucracy rules.


  2. maitreyi1978 on said:

    Could you post the pictures.


    • The Canadian passport picture is so bad that I’m hiding it from my own husband. He says he wouldn’t mind seeing it but I know I’d divorce a person looking like that. Unfortunately, I can’t divorce myself. 🙂

      I’ll now have to hide my passport for the next 5 years until I get a new one.


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