A Sign

On my new Canadian passport, I look like an ancient old lady in last stages of a terminal disease. And in my new US ID, I look very beautiful. Or, at least, exactly the way I want to look.

I think it’s a sign, people.

P.S. I’m sick and useless, so posts will be abundant today.

4 thoughts on “A Sign”

    1. No, not yet. It’s the card that you get before you get the green card. Apparently, there are stages. This card is white and it will probably ripen into a healthy green color with time. 🙂 🙂

      Bureaucracy rules.


    1. The Canadian passport picture is so bad that I’m hiding it from my own husband. He says he wouldn’t mind seeing it but I know I’d divorce a person looking like that. Unfortunately, I can’t divorce myself. 🙂

      I’ll now have to hide my passport for the next 5 years until I get a new one.


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