Religious Fanatics Are Their Own Worst Enemy

This is an actual ad running in Toronto buses:

You’ve got to be such an insensitive, cruel, mean, condescending, self-involved creature to come up with something like this. . .

6 thoughts on “Religious Fanatics Are Their Own Worst Enemy”

  1. What a bizarre thing to spend money on. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that was put up by some atheist with a bizarre sense of humor and deep pockets. But then again, considering some of the clueless things I’ve heard too many religious people say, it could just as well be authentic.


  2. It is just weird. I can’t figure out who would pay for such an ad, or why. It does not seem likely that it would lead to any of the children growing up to be tithe-paying church members or any other profit oriented outcome for anyone. The twisted spinster’s atheist idea is as reasonable as any.


  3. The irony of this is that religion IS a drug for these fanatics. Wouldn’t it be fitting if this child would be praying for their parents to stop snorting bible verses like coke? 😀


  4. I initially assumed that this was the ongoing “Atheist Bus Campaign” taking a new and stupid twist, but the URL in the lower righthand corner of the photo appears to be a legitimate Christian website, so I can only assume that something is going seriously wrong here.


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