Students and the Environment

My students do not follow the foreign affairs, their interest in politics is very limited, and their understanding of the economy is non-existent.

However, they are very aware of the environmental issues and are capable of a very sophisticated analysis of those issues.

My Advanced Spanish students had an assignment that they were doing on their own and that involved using the vocabulary that has to do with nature and ecology. I expected boring, self-evident, uninspired responses because, at this time of the semester, nobody wants to invest a lot of energy into an assignment that is worth 0,25% of the final grade.

However, most of them handed in assignments that demonstrated a very impressive knowledge of what happens in the world in terms of the environment.

The new generation seems to understand a lot better than we ever did how crucial the environment will become to all of us. While older people keep getting boggled down in useless discussions of fetuses and zygotes, these kids are thinking about stuff that really matters.

And good for them.

2 thoughts on “Students and the Environment

  1. At least they’re passionate about something? (Also, I’m guilty of being very knowledgable about the environment and environmental issues, while remaining more unaware of things like foreign affairs and other major political/economic issues (though I am more aware than the average person in these areas as well – it doesn’t take much to be). In my world, it’s because I just don’t have time for everything, and so instead, I focus on what interests me the most, then trust other intelligent, reasonable people to help me figure out the rest…)


  2. That’s very reassuring. What I notice and like the most about people in my age group when it comes to environmentalism is that they don’t rest on their laurels, the environmentalists I speak with are always speaking of new and creative ways of reducing waste and excess energy use, and their ideas aren’t limited to on-campus initiatives either.


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