Birthday Programming

I have insanely busy three weeks ahead of me, so I will be writing an avalanche of posts. It helps me to be more productive to switch my brain over to blogging every few hours. People who are subscribing by email, beware.

I have to spend all day tomorrow, my 36th Birthday, redoing the syllabus for my summer course. This kind of sucks, which is why I want to make myself feel better by listing everything I’m planning to do when my actual Birthday celebrations begin.

Friday, 20th.

N. will drive me to St. Louis and go to work. I will head over to my favorite coffee-shop (I now have a favorite coffee-shop in St.Louis, how’s that for growing into the city?) for a raspberry cappuccino and some Kindle time. Then, I will go to the Left Bank Books, a St. Louis landmark.

Three hours later, I will continue my exploration of St. Louis’s Macy’s. That store is magic because it has absolutely everything in my size. For years, I lived first in Montreal, where wearing size 10 makes you hopelessly fat, to the point where shop assistants make fun of you. And I left size 10 far behind. Then, I moved to New Haven, CT that was filled with model clothes. My best friend, who was size 4 (four), could never find anything “big enough” for her, so you can imagine how I felt. That’s is why this Clarissa-friendly Macy’s makes me happy. Even if I don’t buy anything, just trying on clothes and feeling like a valued member of the human race for whom clothes are made is very pleasing.

Then I will go to our hotel, blog about my wonderful day, and spend time in bed with a book.

In the evening, N. and I will go to a Turkish restaurant. We haven’t been to a good Turkish restaurant since New Haven. I’d rather go to a Greek  place but, outside of Montreal, nobody offers a convincing Greek cuisine in North America. (Please, convince me otherwise. I’m talking about both restaurants and pita places. Both are bad in the US compared to their Montreal counterparts.)

Saturday, 21th.

In the morning (or what counts for such in the life of two very late sleepers), we will go to St. Louis Botanical Gardens that we never manage to visit. Then, we will go to St. Louis Galleria to shower me with Birthday gifts. In the evening, we will really celebrate in a tapas restaurant.

Sunday, 22nd.

Sunday is still wide open. I think we will go to the Union Station, the place where we spent our honeymoon, for some oysters, but I’m not sure yet.

And I promise you that not once, not a single time will I think of anything work-related. The grading can stay there all alone, for all I will care about it this weekend.

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