Clarissa at 8

Since it’s my Birthday, I think some childhood memories are in order.

I was a very VERY spoiled child. The woman who was our neighbor when I was a kid tells the following story. Once, she came over to chat with my mother. After a while, 8-year-old Clarissa came home from school. In complete silence, she marched into the room, laid down on the sofa, hoisted her legs up in the air, and remained in that position.

“Erm, I’m sorry, what is she doing?” the neighbor asked.

“Oh, she is waiting for somebody to change her pants,” my mother explained. “She doesn’t dress herself yet.”

5 thoughts on “Clarissa at 8”

  1. At some point when I was already out of my parents’ house and not really up on the details of daily life there, I visited to find my mother giving a pedicure to my 15 year old brother. It seemed very oddly invasive to me and I broached the subject to him later: “are you comfortable with that?” “No,” he said, “but she wants to do it and it does save me cutting my own toenails.” I have never quite digested this and more than 30 years have passed.


    1. I was exactly like Mary! I never ate anything, was super skinny, extremely sickly, and was as sour as she was. 🙂 🙂

      Nobody believes it nowadays, especially the first 2 attributes. 🙂


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