Hairy Armpits of the French Women

Students sometimes slaughter me with the hilarious things they say.

We’ve been doing our oral exam, and one student discovered that her exam partner is French.

“Why did you come to the US?” she asked him.

“The education here is much better,” the French student explains. “And I identify more with the suspicious attitudes of Americans towards the government. . . ”

“No!” the other student interrupts. “I know the real reason why you are here! It’s because all French women have horrible hairy armpits! Because they never shave. No wonder you don’t want to be in France.”

“Erm. . . That’s not true,” the French student explained looking perplexed.

“In my country, we have the same stereotype about the American women,” I shared.

Then I moved swiftly to another group to prevent the discussion from moving towards my armpits.

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