The US Neutrality on the Falklands

I think it’s a great thing that President Obama has promised to remain neutral on the Falklands drama. It’s high-time we stop meddling in the ridiculous spats of others and turn to our own problems.

The Falklands have been used by both the UK and Argentina to create a rallying point for their waning nationalisms. Both countries need for the conflict to fester in perpetuity (or until one of them manages to find another nationalist drama). Meddling in that will be as productive as messing with the conflict between Israel and Palestine, a conflict that both parties treasure for similar nationalist reasons.

5 thoughts on “The US Neutrality on the Falklands

  1. Canada and Denmark have been arguing for years over the ownership of little (1.3 sq. km.), uninhabited Hans island which lies between Greenland and Ellesmere island. Recently some folks have suggested that we exhibit our sovereignty by building a Tim Horton’s on the rock. 🙂


      1. Not half the story. A few years ago when things got a bit testy the Canadian navy send a frigate to the island in an operation called “frozen beaver.” There were also demonstrations at the Danish embassy in Ottawa where the pickets held up signs saying “We eat danish for breakfast.” I’m not making this up! I should do a post on the whole story.


  2. I believe that the culture of the Falklanders mainly looks to Britain. What I wish though is that both countries would leave that tiny island group alone. I have a thing for tiny island countries. Still, it’s not our quarrel. I agree we need to stop getting involved in spats between other people. It’s like the person who tries to break up a fight between strangers. All that does is get the stranger in trouble.


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