The Younger Generation

I wanted to go to an event which would have required that I let the students out 10 minutes early.

“Would you, guys, like me to let you go early today?” I asked.

“No!” they yelled. “We need to keep talking about these past tenses.”

“Every minute counts,” one student added, and everybody else nodded.

So they kept me in the classroom 10 minutes past the end of the class. I don’t even mind not making it to the event because it’s very gratifying to see this kind of enthusiasm at the end of the academic year.

4 thoughts on “The Younger Generation

  1. It is the end of the semester. Your student are feeling anxious about the final exams. My students all of a sudden cannot get enough of pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo and discovered a sudden love for adverbial clauses.

    I am not complaining.


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